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601 Elasticated Knee Support


- Provides general compression to the knee
- Keeps the knee warm
- Ideal for arthritis sufferers
- Comfortable soft material

What is the LP 601 Elasticated Knee Support?

LP 601 Elasticated Knee Sleeve offers warmth, compression and support to minor knee injuries. Allowing you to avoid further injury to the knee while continuing regular activities. Made of quality, durable surgical elastic. The LP 601 Elastic Knee Support is popular with sufferers of arthritis and overuse injuries. 

It is a simple yet effective knee support, with no complicated metal hinges or supports. Known for it's comfort and ease of use, so it is excellent for any minor or low level type of knee injury.

If you feel you need a higher level of support, please see our full range of knee braces - Knee Supports and Knee Braces

When can I use the LP 601 Elasticated Knee Support?

For general sprains, twists or swelling, the LP 601 Elasticated Knee Support will help to reduce pain and inflammation. Arthritic knees would benefit with a LP 601 Sleeve, to keep the area warm, and prevent the seizing up of the joint.

If you have swollen knees, due to bruising or overuse injury, the LP 601 brace would be an excellent product to help provide compression, and disperse the excess liquid in the knee, and keep the swelling and pain down.

What size LP 601 Elasticated Knee Support do I need?

To ensure you are getting the correct size, please measure around your knee cap with a flexible tape measure.

Size ChartKnee (inches)