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Cornilleau Perform 500 Table Tennis Bat


The Perform 500 Table Tennis Bat is a high quality bat for indoor use. Ideal for regular players, its 5 layer plywood blade and 1.8mm thick foam ensure great speed play and return of spin. 3* ITTF rubber rating. + Read more + Read more

Designed for indoor use, the Perform 500 Table Tennis Bat is ideal for regular players who want to hone their skills of the game and advance to the next level. The 5 layer plywood blade offers great speed play, while the 3 star ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) rating* guarantees a very good return of spin. The 1.8mm thick dynamic foam ensures a high speed of play.

Featuring a concave handle, the bat delivers a powerful grip for maximised play with every game.

*ITTF rubber rating: The rubbers in the Cornilleau range of bats are rated by the ITTF from 1 to 6 stars. A higher star rating will give a more elastic rubber with more speed.