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Cornilleau Perform 600 Table Tennis Bat


The Perform 600 Table Tennis Bat is a high quality bat for indoor use. Ideal for advanced players, its 5 layer plywood blade and 1.8mm thick foam ensure great speed play and return of spin. Features Opti-Feel and Aero Soft concepts for increased stability and response. 4* ITTF rubber rating. + Read more + Read more

Designed for indoor use, the Perform 600 Table Tennis Bat is ideal for advanced, regular players wanting excellent control over speed and spin. The 5 layer plywood blade offers great speed play, while the 4 star ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) rubber* delivers high elasticity for excellent speed. The 1.8mm thick dynamic sponge ensures a high speed of play.

Featuring advanced technology, the Perform 600 boasts both the Opti-Feel and Aero concepts. The Opti-Feel concept features in the 5 layer plywood blade. Wooden fibres in each layer alternate direction, which delivers higher stability so it's like the bat is an extension of your hand. The Aero Soft concept guarantees a perfect response thanks to optimal transmission to the handle of shock waves generated on impact. Featuring a concave handle, the bat delivers a powerful grip for maximised play with every game.

*ITTF rubber rating: The rubbers in the Cornilleau range of bats are rated by the ITTF from 1 to 6 stars. A higher star rating will give a more elastic rubber with more speed.