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Cornilleau Sport 100 Indoor Rollaway 19mm Table Tennis Table - Blue


The Sport 100 Indoor Rollaway 19mm Table Tennis Table is a match for superior tables, offering features which include bat and ball storage, a compact technology folding system and an adjustable fixed net for achieving the perfect tension for each game. + Read more + Read more

Cornilleau’s Sport 100 Indoor Rollaway is perfectly suited for playing family games of table tennis at home. And like its twin, the Outdoor model, it has approval from the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use.

Its 19mm laminate panel top gives the Sport 250 an excellent rebound, with its adjustable net making it ideal for achieving the perfect tension for every game.

Featuring storage placed on both sides of the table to store and protect balls and 2 bats, alongside its ideal compact technology folding system, this table offers the perfect set up for easy storage and transportation when not in use.

The double notched tread wheels feature brakes for stability during use and when in storage, whilst further enhancing playing comfort. Also, its 8 point Push’n’lock locking system ensures optimal security at all times.

To make this table ideally suited to the players, its large feet are in resin with adjustable leg pads to ensure optimum levelness during play.